Another weird dream of mine.

Our family was on a carnival ride which involved us strapped on a bed that is moving on train tracks. They slowly direct you to a chopping section, cutting your feet and then your head, then proceeding to a dark tunnel. My two sisters were the first ones in the line and I saw how the machine decapitated both of them. As they entered the tunnel, I patiently waited with excitement as I laid beside my mother who started to sleep just to go through the experience without being nervous. For some reason I don’t remember, I unstrapped myself to go somewhere urgent for a while and missed the decapitation (I watched my mother lose her head and I got pissed of because I did not get back in the ride in time).

After waiting a while, my sisters came back from the ride with all their glee. My eyes traced their big smiles then down to the stitches on their necks. My younger sister, Carmela then teased my older sister, Clarissa, that the carnival ride did not stitch back her neck perfectly, and when Clarissa went towards a mirror, become aghast by the deformity and cried her usual childish and seemingly attention seeking squeals while I chimed in to tease.

While on this scene, I regained consciousness and there begun my awareness that there is something not right and started to panic. I woke up immediately.


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