A Clear Product of Discernment

My supposed speech…

October 12, 2013

Looking back on last week’s speeches of self promotion, I observed how people in this class are passionate about their professions. It is as if their profession defines them. With that in mind, I also remembered a material that I read before. What we do in our life defines who we are. So as I was creating the draft of this speech, I was constantly asking myself, “What am I supposed to be? How must I present myself to you?” We are born in this world for a purpose and it is a great waste to not realize and use the gift of life given to us. After all this whirlwind of confused and unstructured thought, it hit me. I chose to take part in this workshop to enhance my skills primarily to confidently create something. I came to realize that I am a generator of good insights.

I have an introverted temperament and along with this is the characteristic of being a listener and a thinker. However, I am more than just a good listener; I am a good information absorber. I am sensitive to detail and sensations so I can share my observations in a more heighted sense. I also practice my best to be an open-minded most of the time. I am excited in new information and trivia. This interest helps me listen to different points of view and enables me to assess the perspective from which they came from. This open-mindedness enables me to metamorphose into someone better.

After taking in all the information presented to me, I do my best to process them thoroughly.  As I have mentioned earlier, I am a thinker and less of a talker. I am a person who undergoes discernment most of the time and it helps determining the pros and cons of a situation. I am less aggressive naturally but this does not necessarily bring me down. In fact, it serves me well because it proves that I want the win-win situation to happen most of the time instead of the win-lose one. Everything can be fairly easily resolved, right?

Lastly, I have not mentioned to most in this class that I am also taking the Creative Writing course here in TalkShop. What is the importance of it to my premise? I can say that I can write extraordinarily well. Well, at least in the right conditions. There are moments when I am in deep thought and I am able to express the thought in writing. My mouth is shut and my mind is always running. That is what triggered me to write. I have to put out the thoughts I have. It is because of two reasons: Good thoughts might rot inside, and bad thoughts must be released. My talent of thought and writing is a gift that makes me communicate in a different manner. I can write realizations and present them to people. I can translate ideas of people into an improved version or along with my opinion. I can spread messages and interpretations with extreme thought as opposed to comments in Youtube videos made out of blabber, close-mindedness and spontaneity. I can create blog entries of self-reflections rather than posting food on Instagram taking credit from it but primarily it is not their own creation. I am a person who tries to be sensible in most outputs I do.

With those characteristics of mine in mind, I realized just at the time of writing this speech that how I view myself was a little bit skewed and all over the place. In the processing of structuring this speech, I found out that by just finding the right point of view of looking at an impossible subject can make sense out of things you want to express. I can now say that I have the gift of observance, discernment, processing and creation. I can listen, think and write. I have the potential to speak out for those who are shunned, the potential to express opinions that can address a wider audience mainly through the thriving media outlets in this modern age and the potential to touch people’s hearts for a call of action to make a change. Apart from the confused self that was last week, this is the new version of how I view myself. That’s my take. Thank you for listening.

*Special thanks to TalkShop for challenging me to write this essay.


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