Challenging Norms through Creative Writing

Standing rock firm against the flow

Rock firmly planted despite the water flow

Sept. 28, 2013

The human expression, no matter what form, is a great form of release. Every day, people experience insurmountable pressure. Most have not learned of how to cope and they often resort to unproductive and, sometimes, destructive activities. Expression is the key that exposes what is inside to the outside. One of which is creative writing. The reason I practice to write creatively is to spend my excess energy wisely and produce good results. Creative writing is a means of sparking a revolution. It is a process that sheds light and life on the many pressures with which we come across every day.

First, creative writing process initiates a generation of thought. It often surprises me how writers find inspiration from the most shallow and unlikely sources. Searching for a topic requires altering your point of view and asking about things out of the box. Questioning the norms that many have set and being subjected to vulnerable positions, either literally or figuratively, are empowering. We are bombarded with so much information to the point that it is hard to step away and segregate which to believe in and not, or which to be or not to be. It is time to rise up and challenge convention. This rebellion may help you hone your individuality.

After finding the right question to ask, the creative writing process takes you on a journey of discovery and reflection. It opens your mind to research on your queries through searching both outside information and internal ruminations. It gets you to a point when you incorporate all data in your brain and come up with a more sophisticated idea. It makes you feel emotions enough for you to take a stand to agree, contradict, or come up with a solution. There is an excitement that can be likened to an astronomer discovering an unknown planet. You have a new territory as you have achieved personal depth and growth.

Finally, you can use your discovery as a means to provide improvement for society. You have been given new knowledge and perspective and you feel that you have to give back or announce to the world. You are endowed with special features and uniqueness. This creative process you have undergone has a heavy weight on you. Your ideas start to spill out and seek attention. It has become alive and seeped began to seep into the fiber of paper. Your ideas are now of great worth and set out to influence others.

To summarize, I view the creative writing process as a way of manufacturing raw, unrefined material, putting it through tons of polishing and honing and producing a shining new discovery. Creative writing tames the most unthinkable issues brought by life experiences and turns them into refined, original, and purposeful pieces of work that can educate, inspire, and move people. To achieve growth, there is always a need to challenge what is already accepted and one of the tools to make this happen is through writing creatively.

*Special thanks to TalkShop for challenging me to write this essay.


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