Life in Captured Experiences

Accessories Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, May 2013

Accessories Shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, May 2013

October 11, 2013

For as long as I can remember, I have seen my life through my calibrated senses. I see picturesque views and subjects and wish that my eyes were able to download and print such image. I hear different rhythms and sounds from everyday practical things like engine humming and winds blowing and create short movie-like scenes in my head. Colors, textures and shadows excite me as if they are deliberately arranged in a frame despite the spontaneity and randomness. With these in mind, there are times that I find myself odd to be amused by such trivial things. In fact, I find it weird that, until now, this mind of mine still allows these tiny details stimulate my imagination. Maybe my life has been a digital camera that captures every detail of encountered experience.

A camera lets light and colors in, which excite the photosensitive cells inside. In my case, it is so because I have a great eye for colors and beauty. Whenever I travel to different places, no matter how posh or rowdy they may be, my eyes roam around the area to search for a good angle or an interesting subject to pay attention to. My brain has a device that isolates subjects in my imagination or edits and arranges colors and objects without the physical labor of correcting the blocking. Furthermore, I don’t just yearn for good view. I feel the sensations. I smell, I listen, I touch and I taste. These sensations trigger emotions that I let flow naturally. I combine these into one screenshot of time.

These sensations will then be remembered with extreme importance. Just like a camera, my life has a complex wiring that captures moments and caches them in memory. I have a library of references of those collected experiences. Whenever I feel being creative, this compilation of sensations usually serves as a pool of inspiration. It aids in the conceptualization of what I want to do. The theme or mood is referential to the places I have been through, the people I have met, and the experiences I have undergone. My concepts are sparked by the visual and emotional details that I pick from memory. I let my concepts be translated into a good output.

At the waning of my life’s energy, it needs a good recharge to function again. Of course, there will come times in my life when I feel down and out after too much working and thinking. A digital camera needs energy as my mind needs inspiration to work. I often lock myself in my room and do nothing but negative talk, ineffectiveness and delay. However, there are times when I self-impose the change in attitude. I do this by listening to the radio, picking a DVD to watch a film, or walking in the streets I have not passed before. Eventually, new creative references are experienced. New faces are seen, new objects and sound are felt, new insights and emotions are generated. A new inspiration set is to be collected again. Inspiration comes because it is sought. My mood is lifted from its depressed state. Once I get inspired, I can process creativity and be productive again.

Much like a digital camera, my life allows every experience in, taking into account every sensation and emotion. These experiences usually are automatically embedded in my memory. It is like a pool of treasure, a bountiful resource for imagination. Every situation, person, or experience I encounter becomes special and life-preserving, often leading me to imagine and create. However, it requires constant motivation and absorption of new referential knowledge. Because of my life’s qualities, I constantly appreciate and learn from the colorful and the emotional. It is through my sensations that I feel alive and continuously inspired.

*Special thanks to TalkShop for challenging me to write this essay.


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