The TalkShop Creative Writing Experience

A Day in TalkShop Creative Writing Class. Photo by Raffy Pedrajita

For a long time, I have toyed with the idea of pursuing a writing course. I simply brushed it off. I had no idea what to do because of many inhibitions. There is a fear and mistrust on the type of teaching and learning style that I might encounter. My lack of confidence in writing worried me because I might not ease into the program well. Also, I was afraid to pay a sum of money for a class that might not suit my needs.

After taking time to think about it, I finally pushed my fingers to consult the web search. That is when I stumbled upon TalkShop. With a reasonable amount of enrolment fee, I managed to give Creative Writing with Talkshop a shot. I was glad I took it. The class gave me one of the most transforming and empowering experiences in my life.

What does it mean to take Creative Writing with TalkShop? Some might define it in terms of the curriculum and its structure. Others might talk about the teaching style of the instructors, which I find really efficient and effective. Those statements are just a starting point. TalkShop taught me not just one skill but a skill set that exceeded my expectations in creative writing.

TalkShop taught me how to think freely but with direction. I am used to writing essays for college assignments and also some mundane statuses in microblogging and social networking sites. There is the tedious process of finding the right words to say. TalkShop re-introduced me into the habit of free writing. I did not give serious attention to it before enrolling in this class, but after experiencing it once more, this time as a deeper experience, I found it very therapeutic and uplifting. It not only oils the gears in my brain but also it reflects the inner most questions in my subconscious, thus, knowing more about myself.

Once this free thinking opened the floodgate of thoughts, I could decide on which topic to choose from. TalkShop explained to me the sequence in writing key points. It is the usual “intro-body-conclusion” but it reminded me how to think about the reader’s point of view. I need to structure my work to create organization of thought and leave a special impact on the reader.

This experience also made me realize the practical application of writing. TalkShop introduced me into the world of blogging. In its most obvious sense, this is one of the avenues for writers to promote themselves and at the same time generate potential income. I was given a chance to revamp my old blog. I actually reviewed all my posts before deciding to make them available to a wider audience. Now, I am an amateur blogger and on my way to having a bigger number of viewers, subjecting myself to open criticism and offering what I can do to this world through being a functional and productive spender of free time.

I also found out that learning how to write has its repercussions outside being a writer as a profession. The writing process is applicable in other day to day written interactions. It is not only through blogs that we practice the way of writing. We have to create sensible and structured messages when writing business e-mail, sales presentations, family dinner speeches, love letters and anything in the like. It helps in delivering an organized message in order to be taken seriously by others.

Lastly and most importantly, TalkShop stressed the importance of the writer’s purpose. Nothing drives a person to do the things he does but the answer to the question, “Why?” It is important that a writer has to be most in touch with his core beliefs. Authenticity is the key to a great article because of its primary aim to inform. It is himself that he imparts upon publishing his article so it is important that he knows where he stands regarding certain issues.

Creative Writing with TalkShop succeeded in transforming one of its students to a better writer. I express great joy in having taken this class and I want to let TalkShop know that I am really grateful and pleased to have been part of the program. What I bring home from this experience is a very special skill set of the thinking-writing-practicing discipline. It opened me to a world of possibilities because of the knowledge, confidence and competence that I had developed surprisingly in a span of almost three months. I strongly recommend Creative Writing with TalkShop to aspiring writers especially ones who do not have the luxury of time to enroll in a college degree in writing like, yours truly, me.

*Please don’t forget check out this link to TalkShop


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