Learn to Lead the Way

Pathway to Greener Fields, Sunshine Lighting Your Way

Pathway to greener fields, sunshine lighting the way

Back when I was still a student, it was always a requirement to attend leadership seminars every time I got appointed as an officer. Of course, being a student who wants to participate in such social activities, I thought it was all about meeting different kinds of people. I thought that leadership skills are all about handling people and leading them to the right direction. However, as I pondered about the thought of leadership as holding the steering wheel to navigate the waters, I realized that leading is not the only sense in it. Now, I see honing leadership skills as a way to empower myself.

How could you lead people if you do not know where to go? It all comes down to your decisions that stem from acknowledging what you really want to accomplish. It helps you narrow down your focus and strip everything down to the main purpose. All leaders have a vision of where they would want to go and there are many possibilities and paths that can be encountered along the way. Many can be promising distractions and many can be challenges that might detour the path to your goals. It all comes down to remembering where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Once you are clear about what you want, you become smarter in strategizing and making decisions. As mentioned earlier, the means to achieving a goal has endless possibilities. It is up to you to make adjustments on your trail if needed. Although rigidity can help you focus, welcome spontaneity and improvisation a few times. You need to be flexible and open to change while holding on steadfastly to your vision. You may not achieve your goal exactly as you visualize it, but the lessons and achievements brought by the inconsistencies and surprises you meet along the way can themselves be gratifying.

Once you learn to make smart choices, you trust yourself and become more confident. Keep in mind that leaders influence their subordinates. What a leader does and envisions will be the motivation of his followers. The people you want to lead will find inspiration in this attitude and will have a better platform to realize the goal. Organization and camaraderie in the team starts with a unified vision that is ultimately defined by the leader.

Whenever I socialize with professionals, I often see their eyes light up when they hear of leadership seminars. I did not think that it was all that important before because I saw it only as a chance to talk and chat with new people and less of building character. I came to realize the purpose of learning leadership skills. If you want a team that is united, efficient, and effective, you have to start with managing yourself. The significance of acquiring leadership skills is to effectively empower yourself to influence others.


Roland Andre Malic is a creative writer and blogger who took writing and speech courses in TalkShop, under the mentorship of Sheila Viesca, CEO and Director of Communication. Still finding out his niche in life, he is on the way to self-discovery by traversing creative ventures, a step at a time, which include writing and blogging. He also finds joy in watching mind-boggling films, reading about art and history, and exploring musicians and artists from eclectic genres.


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