Better toTake a Break than to Break Down

Whenever I get annoyed, I draw images like this. Quite productive, isn't it?

Whenever I get annoyed, I draw images like this. Quite productive, isn’t it?

I was on the edge of pulling my hair out of frustration to create an article. It had been a week since this assignment was given to me and I have not yet finished a thing. Since I had managed to make four articles a week on average, I challenged my self to make six to eight articles these two weeks. Little I did know that I had put on so much pressure on myself. This is so because I seem to be off beat from my usual creative flow.

Earlier the previous week, I set a private space and time for myself and my assignments. I had a good routine – I did my free writing activity first before entertaining interruptions and then I started to work. This week was different though, I gave in to these interruptions out of not wanting to be pressured. Then it came, the weekend with so much regret and irritation for not producing one thing. I decided to put it off until the muse of creativity granted me inspiration. I waited for everything to run smoothly and naturally.

To break the pressure, I let myself be distracted by doing something else. I continued and finished a drawing that I left uncared for for two weeks. The pencil drawing the week before is now outlined in ink. Since it was Halloween, I also watched a few horror flicks while munching on junk food. Out of curiosity, I tried to listen to an internet guided meditation on astral projection (almost to no avail). I even worked out to release some endorphins. Lastly, for the first time after so many weeks of being busy and exhausted, I had an in-depth and important chat with my family,

I am glad to put off the pressure. It feels good that a few of the distractions made me come back and believe that I can push through. Before I let it take over me, I halted it. Now, I am thankful to produce something, albeit unrelated to my assignment. But then, I produced something, didn’t I?


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