About Me: Me and My Blogging Plans

I want to be the happy version of me as this photo shows. (c) R. Malic, May 2013, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

I want to be the happy version of me as this photo shows.
(c) R. Malic, May 2013, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan


I am “Bones” Malic, now in my early 20’s, presently working in a financial services company, secretly dreaming to transfer into the creative industry. I take great interest in art, music, and a lot more… or should I say, a large spectrum of the human creative expression. I am also a contributor to TalkShop, the Best English School in the Philippines, and an aspiring artist.

The main reason I started to blog is to find out my creative niche. I am in a current search for who I am as a creative and it is a constant struggle for me to define and market myself without tapping into my “inner self.” Due to my introverted and introspective nature, that is a skill that I have to use to my advantage.

I have always felt a victim of circumstances and have always questioned my value as a soul that roams around the earth. I do not want to dwell too much into the details for I do not want those to interfere with my present endeavors. I have undergone a lot of re-awakenings to truly realize what I feel my soul is capable of contributing to the universe but it is not until someone who commented that I have a great potential for a writing career did I venture into writing. Hence, I am now blogging to express, to heal, and to improve myself personally.

I occasionally post some articles about Personality Development which are specifically contributed for another purpose. However, I do share some of my thoughts that both trouble and inspire me now and then, along with some of my drawings and artworks. Generally, I want to show the side of me that does not speak up that much.

I also want to be part of a creative community so I can interact and learn from fellow creative people so that I can acquire both practical information and ideal opinions, build my confidence, and have a support system resource that I can tap into. Also, who wouldn’t like to meet new people? I will not let my introversion get hold of my world views again. I want to speak my mind.

To sum it up, I started this blog to have a personal creative outlet, to know more about my abilities and what best ways to use them, and to find a creative community that is supportive and insightful. I hope that within the year I will build my still semi-erect spine of confidence find my creative writing niche and be able to find a good path from there.


This post is part of the Zero-to-Hero blogging series.
I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!


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