Movie-Plot in a Dream

This post was written in my personal journal dated June 29, 2014:

I had a wonderful dream just before I woke up. It gave me goosebumps. (The reason for the bad English will be explained afterwards.) Here it goes:

A girl of mixed race with light brown freckled skin, strong facial features and brown curly hair parted in the middle into braided pigtails is walking stealthily down a hallway of a top secret science facility. She was not noticed by the busy scientists and workers also running and walking on the hallway, chatting with their peers because she wore a stolen lab coat over what seems to be shirt, jeans, and grey sneakers. She enters a room, carefully opening it, passing through, and closing it gently behind her. She examines the room in detail, and the camera cuts to an isolated lit corner, with metal shelves and what seems to be dry ice sublimating with the gas flowing out of the crevices. She approached quickly with small quiet steps and landed on her knees directly on the lit portion of the room. As she began to search for something, pulling the shelves open, rummaging through the files almost unsuccessfully fanning the fumes away from her face, her impulse made her look up, and the camera cuts to directly looking at her from up above, framing only her face. She is looking at the very bright light source and called, “God?” She then continues to converse with the Heavenly Being in emotion mixed with disbelief and awe. She was almost praying directly to the Heavenly Being as she was already kneeling and looking up above with unrelenting reverence. However, the answers from Above were inaudible to the audience—which was only me.

While this scene goes on, camera cuts to a point-of-view camera of a person entering the room, doing his best to stay unnoticed. As the man reached behind her, she becomes aware of her presence and camera cuts to a close up shot of her face being wary of an unwanted companion and a hand with a cloth covering her face as she turns to see who the entity was.

-fade out-

Next scene was a point-of-view shot of our protagonist opening her eyes and adjusting her vision from a drugged slumber. She sees a short plump woman with eyeglasses, big bouffant of a hair, and labcoat staring at her and a red haired nurse beside her busy with writing on her clipboard.

“Where am I?” our female protagonist said.

“Don’t you know? You are special. You must stay here.” The plump woman scientist said in an untrustworthy tone.

The red haired nurse turned towards our heroine and suddenly injects something in out heroine’s arm.

The camera shifts to the nurse’s clipboard and we see our female protagonist’s name finally revealed. Her name is Hermilla.

-cut scene-

The next scene finds Hermilla’s two male companions walking along the facility. One is a skin-head black teen with thick framed glasses, black pants, and white and maroon plaid shirt. Another is a skinny white boy with curly hair with same features as Robert Sheehan of the UK TV series, Misfits. Both of them have their stolen labcoats on. They enter a room as discreetly as possible and overhears a guy having a conversation on the phone and they were alarmed when they found out someone has captured Hermilla and the laboratory’s evil agenda. They interrupt the phonecall by talking to the guy. The guy was revealed to be the one who drugged Hermilla a moment ago. The conversation goes on… Suddenly a man comes behind them swiftly and quietly and stabs their backs with syringes with drugs.

-Fade out-

*I know that there are problems regarding grammar, punctuation, wording, parallelism, and proper transition. This is because I am so excited to publish it here that I haphazardly reworded and typed what was directly taken from my written personal journal.

I got goosebumps immediately after I woke up. There was a geist of inspiration that tingled my creative. This is really fitting for a mysterious Young Adult themed plot line although I really am not into that genre. But, who knows? The fact that a complete scene is already there might give me reasons to add more scenes. The curious mind-wandering story-teller in me is wondering how I could complete this short segment of an unwritten story.

Any thoughts about my dream? I’d like to hear more from you.


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