(c) R. Malic, May 2013, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

(c) R. Malic, May 2013, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Some musings of a frustrated creative.

This blog is a repository of my personal wondering and wanderings, my journey towards self-discovery and self-healing, not necessarily applicable to all but can serve as proof that someone else who has lived in deep thought actually exists in another side of the world.

Understand that this blog aims as a looking-glass in one in a multitude of busy, introspective minds.


Hi, I am “Bones” Malic, born in the Republic of the Philippines, the year 1991.

I take great interest in art, music, and a lot more… or should I say, a large spectrum of the human creative expression. I am also a contributor to TalkShop, the Best English School in the Philippines, and an aspiring artist. I started to blog is to find out my creative niche. I am currently venturing a few creative ventures like writing and art for therapeutic purposes.

More About Me here.

the mr. bones project tumblr


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