The Road Ahead

Trading on stones (c) Ihris Terrado, May 2011, Lian, Batangas

Treading on rocky terrain
(c) Ihris Terrado, May 2011, Lian, Batangas

Starting tonight, I bid goodbye to mindful diet, regular exercise, and usual sleeping hours. I don’t know if the decisions I have made will be smart and sustainable but at least I have finally laid my path, no matter how bumpy and unfinished it may seem at this moment. I will test how persistent, patient, and tenacious I can be. Cheers to a great future ahead! *crossing my fucking fingers*


URL Change

Say hello to my face.

Say hello to my face.

Hi, I’d like to inform you guys that I changed my blog URL into
and the URL,, is now defunct. Please be guided accordingly.

Also, let me say thanks to my handful of followers and readers. I appreciate you all.

On Stars that Fall on Your Hands

Possibilities are as endless as the stars in the galaxy. We have to move our astral bodies like bodies in a chess game. Our choices determine our lives.

Possibilities are as endless as the stars in the galaxy. You have to move our astral bodies like bodies in a chess game. Your choices determine your life.

Whenever you feel that you do not deserve the good things that are happening to you or you are not good enough to willingly accept these, do not waste the gifts and opportunities. Command yourself that you will make use of them and do something good out of them. We must remind ourselves that what we do in the phase of our lifetime can affect change whether good or bad. It is through conscious decision to strive for the better that things can go well. We do not have any idea of what might life bring us, and along the road it surprises us in a hundredfold of ways. We have in our hands the ability to choose what we can do next. It is like dipping the tip of your finger on water, creating ripples with circles slowly growing larger and larger. Choose wisely.

The Sky is the Limit(?)


The heavy firmament hangs mightily above me. Clouds move about with their shadows contrasting the brightness of their cradle, calmly casting their gazes upon me with their invisible cloud eyes. This blue illusionary blanket of atmosphere is confusing me with its comfort and promise. Must I shoot my rocketship to reach the universal expanse beyond? Or is the sky really the only level of altitude I must reach?

Realization for the week: I’d never learned to embrace feeling good. I always harbored so much negativity, I’d always thought it is my defining quality. When I actually deserve to feel good, I’d always worry about the genuineness, the longevity, and the worthiness of the sense of accomplishment and happiness. I have to start embracing that feeling and leave all of the anxiety and self-shaming behind because that is the whole point of striving hard and transforming for the better.